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Another busted nut leaves Patsy full of sperm after Sven forgets and leave her with an accidental amateur creampie.



Accidental Amateur Creampies


Patsy was pretty mad after Sven busted a nut inside her vagina but that didn't stop him from grabbing a few pictures of this hot accidental amateur creampie. I guess sometimes you just forget, I do, so who can blame a guy for just holding fast when he feels a big blast of semen swelling up from his balls and spewing from his cock. Well Patsy does, or did, and after her mad moment she showed us the sticky man juice dripping from her snatch.


The pair was fooling around one summer afternoon when this little mistake happen and lets just say it was more than a surprise for both of them. Sven had her bend over forcing cock to her snatch when all of a sudden he felt that need to plant some seed and instead of pulling out like normal thought he would just squirt a little in to see what it looked like. Well one pump to many and Patsy's cunt got filled which is why we love to see these accidental amateur creampies, they just make us horny.


Anyway, once she realized what he had done she paniced a little bit, I guess the old mom forgot to take the pill that week, but once she realized there was nothing she could do she let him snap a couple of pictures to share. After a long wait Sven discovered he could do more amateur creampies with his mature girlfriend and even though she would get ticked off about it he could cum inside her pussy anytime he wanted.


Amateur Creampies



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